Going Green

 This is a recent small watercolor I did to enter the Iowa Watercolor Society’s miniature show. It’s fun to work on this scale. An artist can produce the work and have it in a frame all in one day. Who doesn’t love immediate gratification?

I love how the black stripe of the cloth reflects in the green apples. The stripes break the shadow area and makes it more interesting. Of course my favorite part of the painting is the striped cloth. It is like a puzzle to paint. Each stripe and area needs to fit together to look correct. You might notice I let some of the intensity of the stripes fade on the left side. This keeps the viewer focused on the apples and the side of the cloth with more interest. I also did not connect every stripe. Those in front are disconnected.  Too many stripes creates a busy peice and make the eyes want to leave the painting. With some stripes softer, and some not connected, the viewer can enjoy looking at the the piece without becoming overwhelmed by the stripes.

To see this piece and many other fine miniatures, stop by the show. It runs from May 17 through June 13 at St. Mark Lutheran Church, 1105 Grand Avenue, West Des Moines, Iowa. The gallery hours are Monday through Friday 8a.m. – 4pm. The opening reception, open to all, is May 17 from 6:30-8pm. There will be refreshments and some fun small art to experience. Hope I see you there!





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