Black Magic

Sometimes it is fun to just paint something familiar. I have three cats. Two of them are totally black, the third black and white. They roam the studio, knock things off and walk on art. Still their presence brings company and fun to my days.

This is a watercolor of Sim, one of the black cats. I painted it not with any black paint, but with a mix of hooker’s green and  alizarin  crimson, a deep red. These colors are opposite on the color wheel and both are dark, intense colors. When mixed they produce a rich black. This color is infinitely more interesting than just black out of the tube.

I did some accent work with the red in areas where the light would hit and green in the shadows. Because of the colors repeat the mix in the black, harmony is created.

The light golden eyes give a final touch of interest. A new color for the painting draws the focus to the eyes.

This piece was recently entered and accepted into the Iowa State Fair show along with another watercolor of mine. It’s always fun to paint a subject you love and wonderful to have it accepted in a show.

There are times in art when things align and the piece comes together easily. This portrait of Sim happened just that way. Other times it seems you paint, lift, paint more and still it is not what you want. In watercolor it is easy to loose the freshness by overworking.  It’s experiences like painting this black cat that cause me to continue to reach for magic moments when everything flows easily and comes together seemingly without effort. Tomorrow’s another day to paint. I am hoping for another day of magic. It might happen.  For now, I just want that black cat to get off my watercolor paper!


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