5 Rabbits, A Favorite

Art is like children. Each piece is unique. Some are older, some deeper and some more colorful. As a parent I appreciate each one of my children and have no favorites. I see their strengths and their weaker areas. My art is the same except for the fact, here I do have favorites. Some pieces just delight me and hold a special place for me. This fun and fantasy piece is one of these favorites.

The name of it is 5 Rabbits. If you look long enough you, like a magician, will pull out 5 rabbits, not from a top hat, but from an abundance of images found within this piece of art. It takes some patience to create art such as this one. It takes patience to enjoy it also. The more the viewer looks, the more is found. The rabbits reside side by side with birds, dinosaurs, and fantasy creatures. Sometimes a face will appear or an entire figure.

What I especially love about this piece and my fun and fantasy style is the fact many images are rather open to interpretation by the viewer. It certainly looks like something, but what exactly, is hard to define. Life has too many rules. It’s fun for me as an artist to create things that are, and are not, the usual and recognizable.

This style lets me combine my love of drawing in a realistic manner with the fun of  watercolor techniques. I begin by playing in the watercolor. Dripping it, blowing on it, and sometimes even throwing in salt or dragging a string through it. Anything goes! I have no set idea in mind when I start.

After the watercolor is dry, I turn the paper in various directions until something steps forward, waiting to be released by my pen. Then the next step of fun begins. I start in one place and as I draw somehow the next image seems to appear for me. As I work, there often seems to be more of one kind of image. In this one it was rabbits. They just kept hopping out! Each different in size and shape, but all rabbits in form.

Maybe this one is a favorite because it is rich in texture. Maybe it is the images that occurred or the beautiful mixing of the watercolor. Maybe it was the ease this one flowed out of me. Some days it does seem magic the way my art seems to pour out easily. Whatever the reason, 5 Rabbits is a personal favorite. Hope you’ll take a look at it and enjoy searching for the rabbits. If you do I guarantee it will make you hoppy. (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist!)

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