For Emily

 I love puzzles. This piece of art was much like working a puzzle. To keep my stripes in the correct place took concentration on one area only. It’s fun to see it evolve as each area works with the next. Not only did I need to place the stripes in the right place, but each one needed to tell the story of value – light placement – making it darker or lighter. Yes, to look at the cloth the strips all look black, but to paint the cloth the stripes must tell the story of the folds, shadows and reflections. Those stripes are hard workers!

The oranges were fun to paint also. On the whole one I used Saran Wrap pushed onto the surface while it was still wet to create texture. It’s like opening a gift when the wrap is taken off. One never really knows what will be revealed. This time it gave me enough texture to say a rough skin but not enough visual power to compete with the stripes.

The peeled orange was a study in discipline. The membrane remaining on the surface of the orange was important to keep the pure white of the paper. No masking fluid was used, just an intuitive approach. I did not try to exactly replicate the orange I had in front of me, but instead wanted to keep the spirit of this area. Sometimes I just look at an area, analyze it with my eyes and then let my hand, experience, and intuitive side go to work. The reward is a fresh, realistic look.

I do not often paint and then just give away the effort, but sometimes my passion of art crosses paths with my passion for other things. This piece was painted for donation to a worthy cause. It will be part of a silent auction during an event aimed at eating disorders. It is something close to my heart. I donate this art in memory of Emily.

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