Happy Up!

Happy Up

I recently was accepted as an Art-o-mat artist. This is a venue where artists sell small art through vintage machines made originally to sell candy or cigarettes. Happy Up was one of the 50 pieces sent off in my first order. Each of the 50 were original pieces of art made at a specific size just for Art-o-mat. I had so much fun sitting hour after hour finding words, then images to complete each small piece.

Imagination is a wonderful gift! It takes me into silly places where anything is possible. I often found myself smiling at word combinations. Like a puzzle, I tried to fit the words to the watercolor background. Once I was satisfied with the words I settled in with a black ink pen to pull out the images. You would think it may be difficult to match images to the words, but somehow the right image always seemed to float up for me to see.

This one is a happy group featuring a passion that certainly makes me happy – reading. The book image seems to be enjoyed by all in this scenario. Makes me think of reading to children at bedtime.

I intentionally left the book blank so it did not become too important. I wanted the viewer to look and enjoy the movement from one element to the next without one being too important.

It is my desire to have this piece, and all my Art-o-mat pieces, bring a little smile to the buyer, to let them “Happy Up” as I did when I created this piece of art. Check out the art-o-mat website at artomat.org and look for Art-o-mat machines in your area. The art is little, but the effect it can have is large and far reaching. Let’s Happy Up together!

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