Apples Are Good For You

IMG_0567 (1024x269)It’s fun for me to paint this striped cloth. I love the challenge of making the cloth roll and keeping the stripes believable. I painted this piece to hang in a certain place in my kitchen. Apples are a favorite subject to paint. There are so many varieties and colors. Because they are a simple shape it allows me to play in other ways. I painted this image three times. Each time I made the apples a different color and enjoyed a different¬†challenge in the painting. I this one I included some granulation.

Granulation is when the paints mix and form sand-like areas.Granulation of a watercolor paint occurs only with specific pigments. These paints contain one or more inorganic pigments containing metal. The granulation effect increases with the addition distilled water. The pigment drops out of the water solution and settles into the watercolor paper. Heavier (denser) pigments usually create granulation.

It’s fun to add some texture and interest to the common apple. Nature gives artists plenty of opportunity to experiment and still represent it. It is true, apples really are good for you. A good source of learning as well as a great snack!

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