Be Delicious

Be DeliciousI have been having lots of fun in the past few months working on small pieces of art. These 2 1/8″x 3 1/4″ watercolors are  mounted on wooden blocks and sent off to an art endeavor called Artomat. The Artomat art is placed in vintage cigarette machines and distributed throughout the United States and Canada. Each is sold for $5 and gives information about the artist. It is like handing out a business card and introducing others to my art and website.

It is the fun to see the places my small art has sold. Florida, Tennessee and Canada are a few of the locations. Delicious indeed!

These small pieces of art sprang from left over watercolor technique lessons. I had quite a collection of various beautiful pages of unique shapes and colors  after teaching students some of the fun ways to manipulate watercolor. My creativity lead me to this style, a blend of two of my passions, words and drawing. Finding words to match the colors in the art is often a humorous process as I try different phrases. Once the words are in place I look for the image. I’m amazed at how often the image directly illustrates the words. A nice happening.

In this Be Delicious piece, I loved the blending of the colors. Watercolor makes such amazingly beautiful blends, subtle and gradual from one color to another.

As for the meaning, well each of us has an idea of how we want to be delicious. I’ll make the art and let you decide what it means for you.

Thanks, Artomat, for giving me an outlet to send out a little fun, a little art and a little information about myself. Look for Artomat machines in your area and have a little art fun yourself or go to their website and learn more at Have some fun and be delicious!

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