The Gift of a Portrait

IMG_0592 (767x1024)It’s always nice to have repeat clients. This year I enjoyed doing this watercolor for a former client. Although this client moved and now lives far from me, the internet makes it easy to email a photo. Deadlines and particulars can be discussed and then the fun begins.

Planning is essential before a watercolor portrait is started. I work out the values, colors and design on a trial piece of paper. Once decisions are made, I transfer my image onto the watercolor paper. Each member of this family has a different skin tone. It was a good challenge to capture the difference without disturbing the harmony of the painting. I softened the beautiful dark hair of the woman so it would not overwhelm the others in the painting. The same with the stripes of her shirt. Each was softened to be enough to give the shape and design of the shirt without dominating the painting with the high contrast of the black and white stripes.

The bald head was allowed to fade out in areas so there was not a hard distinct shape. The child’s dark hair was keep lighter, like the mother’s to keep the father from being too washed out with his light complexion.

This painting was to be a gift. Portraits are unique gifts that often turn into heirlooms as people grow and change. It is my hope the recipients of this painting will enjoy owning it as much as I did painting it.

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  • Scott Clayberg

    Hi Connie

    Please contact me or provide me an email address/phone # that I can visit with you about a project. Thanks!


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