Born Different

Born Different (521x800)I love doing small collage pieces. Often I have random pieces of watercolor paper used to experiment with a color or technique. Parts of it may be beautiful or intriguing to me. A blend of colors that defy description or a splatter of interesting shapes can start the creative process and send me on the road to developing more.

As many of you know I enjoy being one of the artists who is featured in Artomat machines. These machines are refurbished vintage candy and cigarette machines that now dispense art the size of a pack of cigarettes. It is a perfect way for me to enjoy making use of experimental watercolors.

Born Different was inspired by the unique shape and beautiful blend of colors I saw on a scrap piece of watercolor paper. From these colors I found words that would blend nicely with the colors of the paint and be appropriate in size and content. After the words comes the fun of releasing the images from the shape of color. I keep the word theme in mind and nearly always see something fun to draw. The image reflects the words and a collage is born.  Each piece is original  and the themes and colors vary.

Imagination is key to having fun with these small pieces of art. Each has a way of making me smile, and sometimes even laugh. It is my hope you will have the same response when you view the art. Check out Artomat machines in your area and have a little bit of art fun. Find out more about Artomat at

2 comments to Born Different

  • Cheryl

    I am the host of an Art-o-mat machine at the Downriver Council for the Arts in SE Michigan. Some of your blocks came with our first order and I love them so much. I bought one and proudly added it to my collection. I will look for more art from you the next time I reorder artwork!

  • Cheryl,
    How fun to hear from you! Thanks so much for your kind words about my art. I sure have fun creating it, so it’s nice to know others enjoy it also. You made my day with your feedback. I wish you and the Downriver Council for the Arts much creativity and success.

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