Something New

040It essential to grow as an artist. The possibilities are many in the ways an artist can explore and learn. For this portrait I tried a new set of colors. Watercolors have colors that are transparent, semi-transparent, and opaque in nature. I usually paint with a mix of these options. For this painting I decided to try painting with only transparent colors.

I used the pouring technique to layer colors. I take a tube of paint. Dilute it in a small cup of water and literally pour the paint over the paper. The white areas have been saved with a mask that seals the paper under it and keeps the paint from touching the paper.

Beautiful blends occur as the colors mix on the paper. Once dry, I removed the mask and enhanced certain areas making them more detailed.

This was painted from a photo taken of my personal trainer, Shane Patterson. It was challenging to get the likeness and not do too much painting in that area, letting it stay less detailed, like the rest of the painting.

Each time I try something new, I learn. My painting may not be as I had hoped, but I count it a success if I have learned something. Thanks, Shane, for allowing me to workout in a whole new way.

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