A Love Affair

007Sometimes I get to enjoy doing a painting that captivates me, as well as the people who have commissioned the painting. Such was the case with this painting. The subject matter was a study in contrasts. The large dog with the small child, the studded collar of the dog with the delicate hair of the little girl, the muscular body of the dog with the soft, smooth skin of the toddler, each serving to create interest. The differences were surpassed by the obvious unity of the two subjects. No fear here! Only the enjoyment of sharing a hug and a beautiful spring day together.

As an artist my job was to make sure that relationship was seen and felt. The green grass gave unity to the subjects and was a perfect color to point the eye to the pink cup. The cup introduces the dog’s face and leads the eye up to the toddler’s face completing an intimate feeling between the three items.

To capture an image is one thing, to capture a feeling is quite another. By choosing delicate colors, a mood of tenderness was created. Choice of color is so important when telling a story, much like the voice is when telling a story verbally. If the right colors are not used, it can be flat or harsh, or put emphasis in places not very important. The background is a good example. The dandelions are plentiful and if made too important, would have taken the story away from the faces of the subjects.  By keeping the grass more yellow in color in the foreground, the dandelions blended in better with the grass. To make the dandelions quieter in the background,  they were made more blurry and small. This also gave the illusion of depth.

I loved painting this picture and being a part of the memory of a special dog and a young child as captured in this moment.




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