Cherished Moments

004As an artist we sometimes get to be part of cherished moments by recreating them in a painting. This watercolor was done for a dear friend as a Christmas commission, a gift for someone special. For this painting I wanted to show the emotion between the two subjects, a tender moment of love and appreciation.

I kept the color palette limited. I chose soft colors to reflect the soft emotions and kept the background muted so it would not take attention from the subjects. The eye naturally wants to start looking at the dark pants and travels up the blue clothing to reach the faces. The horse head and neck brings the eye down again and back to the bottom of the painting, making the complete circle of the subjects.

Spots can be a tricky thing. This horse had dark spots on a light coat. To make the spots too dark would have drawn the eye to the horse first and made the painting more energetic in movement. I chose to keep the spots soft and understated in the mood of the painting.

I love being part of gifts. The special place an artist holds is one of the storyteller, tellingĀ a small part of the sacred story of another. It is such a place of fun and honor. I’m happy to have been a part of this Christmas surprise.

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