Exercise Your Soul

Exercise SoulNever in my wildest dreams would I think I would enjoy exercise, but three years ago I joined a gym and never looked back. I’ve worked to have my food, water intake and exercise be in balance to lead me to a place of better health. What does this have to do with art? Plenty!

As an artist I know I have a need to also exercise my soul. I love watercolor and doing these small collage pieces allows me to have lots of fun. Each has a little something of the things I love. The watercolor, words and drawings come together to share my love of teaching or passing on wisdom. Like my life, in each one there’s a lot going on.

When I get lost finding the images, or hunting for the right word, the hours pass by and I would be hard pressed to say if I’m working or having fun. The line is blurred. My art is one of my passions and passions feed the soul and give it a good work out at the same time. The art comes out, but something also goes in. A nice balance that relaxes and stimulates the mind in tandem.

I hope you enjoy this small piece of art and it reminds you to enjoy your passion and exercise your soul often.

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