In the Garden

056It’s the season many of us enjoy the gathering of produce from the garden. I always enjoy the beauty of growing things.  Whether it is vegetables or children, there is a time when magic happens, when a bud flowers, and then flower turns to something wonderful and nourishing.

This is a watercolor of my son Chad when he was small. He was exploring the wonders of our neighbor’s garden. It was entered into an agriculture show and received honorable mention. It is nice to have recognition for a painting, but the process is where the real rewards can be found. It is so fun to bring something to life. To have the water and paint blend and form images. As an artist, I get to choose the colors and the way they are put on the paper. Every artist has favorite paint colors and methods.

One of my favorite methods is painting wet into wet. This means the paper is wet first and the colors are brushed or dropped into the wet area. They spread and blend in beautiful ways that an artist can not produce any other way. The lettuce leaves are done in this technique.

Yes, gardens can be fun and a source for lots of good stuff! Thanks Chad for letting me be the kid this time around and enjoy the wonder of the garden through this painting.

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