Shady Characters

img_1235It’s always fun to learn. I tried a new technique in this painting called Shady Characters. The dark background gives drama to this painting. Getting the darkness this intense required a new technique. I decided to risk ruining the painting to give it a try. I loved the way the dark area came out. A beautiful dark that still allows some of the color to shine through and gives a perfect setting to the rest of the colors. Once the background was in, I learned I had to go back and make other areas stronger to bring more balance. I learned much and was pleased with the outcome of this piece.

These plants are in my flower garden. I love the variety of shapes and colors of green the leaves offer. It is a plant that does best in shade and produces these beautiful white flowers. The plant gave me a wide range of lights and darks to paint. The green leaves and flowers were in the sun the day I photographed them. I was struck by the beauty of the dark areas so close to the light areas. I think this painting conveys my fascination with the wide range of light to dark. This time the risk turned out well. As a painter, it is wonderful to bring to life something exciting and sharing it with those who will view the piece. Hanging out with Shady Characters can change you. This time, it was for the better!


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