Get the Wiggle Out

get-the-wiggle-outIt’s that time of year again when things seem to go into overdrive mode. More tasks, socializing and more opportunities for my art. I like this little piece of art with the reminder to get the wiggle out. So often our days do have lots of wiggle room. A few moments to relax or to enjoy a simple pleasure. I want to be sure to do just that during this busy time of year. That wiggle area brings balance, peace and fun one moment at a time.

Some could take the words to mean to focus and waste less time, be more serious. That is the fun of words and art. A person can make it your own. It is universal and yet personal.

This holiday season, I hope you take the time to enjoy the abundance. To really be present each and every day. I need this little piece of art out in plain view to remind myself to reach deep within and pulling out a little more wiggle.

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