Roadside View

2016-11-04 10.13.21 (768x1024)Sometimes I enjoy doing things in a loose manner and capturing the essence rather than the reality of a scene. This lone barn provided the opportunity to say something in a simple way. I enjoyed putting in lots of color and making the image seem as fresh as the memory of this stop along the highway. Detail is fun, but not always necessary to tell the story. If I had given lots of attention to the flowers in the ditch, the focal point of the barn would have been lessened.

I like the dreamy quality of this painting. It was fun to paint choosing colors I wanted and not the ones of reality. Artists have that choice. Lots of decisions are made before the painting is done. Color, technique and placement of subject matter can make painting the same subject look very different. My hope is the person who views this painting will enjoy the step away from reality as much as I did when I painted it.


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