Artist Statement

Fun, fantasy and discovery are three words that describe one of my art styles. Each piece is a world of its own to explore. These words ring true for myself as the artist during the process of creating, and they are my goal for those who view my work. Each piece takes me into a place where I can play among the ever changing shapes and colors, never knowing what I might discover. I use a pen and my background in realistic drawing to show another, the world I see. It is creative, fun and challenging to balance and respect the power of the black ink when it is used with the delicate watercolors.

This technique grew from the influence of two people. I took a workshop from an international watercolor teacher, Lian Zhen, where I learned how to define images by enhancing watercolor shapes. The other person of influence is Ronnie White, a dear friend and talented incarcerated artist, whom I met through a prison ministry experience. Ronnie is masterful with a black ink pen and creates both fantasy and realistic art. Each gave me insight into a different way to see. I have used elements of both techniques and created one of my own.

As I evolve in my style I find more ways to expand it. I love to teach and encourage. Some of my works reflect this in the addition of words or phrases.

Like a coin with two sides, I also have a side that is quite different from the fun and fantasy art. This side is shown in my realistic style art.

I studied for many years under the now nationally acclaimed artist, Mary Muller. She taught me how to draw, to work in various mediums, and helped me discover my passion for art. My realistic pieces help me share the incredible beauty of the things I see in this world.

It is my goal to continue to grow each style. I want to give myself and those who value my work a time to step out of the world as we experience it and enjoy a time of exploring a new place. Linger in a relaxing way, if even for a moment, enjoying something familiar or have fun discovering the friendly faces and images of things unexpected that bring a smile.